January, 2016

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How To Pick the Best Mountain Town For Your Summer Vacation

downloadThere is something special about summertime. It often ushers in the season of fun with family, friends, and nature. It reminds us of the days when we were care-free swimming in cool pools or lakes and barbecuing without a worry in the world. Summertime is meant for fun summer vacations, so why not spend it in a wonderfully peaceful and cool climate mountain town!? Towns up in the mountains can be wonderful vacation spots, especially if you live in the southern part of the United States where the heat can be intense. Escape it for awhile and find plenty to do during your mountain vacation. Confused about where to start when considering a destination? Here are some tips on how to pick the best mountain town for your summer vacation.

1. Find a place with history.

Does the mountain destination you are considering have an interesting history? Most mountain towns used to be old mining towns that converted to tourist traps after the mining boom faded. Where once they made their living excavating the earth for precious metals or gold, now they continue on the tradition of the small town experience while attracting visitors with interesting historical locations, outdoor activities, amazing food, and fun festivals to attend. Find a spot that has its own personal story.

2. Find a place with character.

You can usually tell when a place has its own unique vibe quickly even before you exit the car. Are there people relaxing and enjoying the day? Are there commuters on their bikes, people taking a stroll, or runners exercising in the parks? For most towns, the outdoor lifestyle is what gives the place its special character, laid back feel, a sense of community, and the perfect peaceful local for a summer vacation. Ask around or do some research and spend some time in a place that speaks to your personality.

3. Choose a place with great people who share similar interests.

Are you into extreme hiking, bare-bones camping, or intense white water rafting? You will most likely have a better time if you find a place where many share your interests and passions. A great community starts with great people. Look for a location that values your hobbies and favorite activities as well as a place that is active in maintaining the environment for those activities.

4. Look for interesting events.

Every place has its own claim to fame. Does your destination have special events, activities, and festivals that appeal to you? Interested in a festival solely about antique mining gear? There is likely a festival or place to explore that interest. Keep your vacation intellectually stimulating and interesting and participate in local festivals, parades, contests, and yearly events. All it takes is a little bit of research or a phone call with a local and you can have your whole schedule filled with fun events.

5. Find great natural attractions.

If you are seeking a mountain vacation, you likely want to be surrounded by beautiful natural attractions. If you enjoy hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking, find a mountainous or hilly town that offers it. Are there hot springs, lakes, rivers, and other water attractions that you prefer? Find those spots and enjoy them to your heart’s content.

Interesting Tale of Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

downloadKuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

It was dedicated to the rearing and breeding of beautiful butterflies. Unlike the bigger counterpart Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, the butterfly park has an area size of 80,000 square feet. This park basically is a beautifully landscaped garden designed to hold the butterflies in their natural habitat. This park has gone on record as the largest butterfly park in the world. Visitors to the much renowned Butterfly Park make it a point to visit this park as well after they come to know about its attractions from the local tour operators. Hence, people who have visited this park have never said that they had wasted the precious time wandering there.

About the Butterfly Park

Spread over a total area of 80,000 square feet, Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park has over 50,000 butterflies. These beautiful creatures were collected from different parts of the world with the hope of preserving their ecosystem. For this purpose, the park has a wide diversity of ferns, lilies, orchids, hibiscus and other types of shrubs. Therefore, it would like a paradise for the onlooker with a wide display of colours and aroma that take them to a totally different realm of experience. The words cannot explain the visual treat only the first hand experience would narrate the exact experience. On entering the premises, the visitors would be able to see the wings of so many colours at one time as if the nature has showered us with multiple rainbows. When they slowly close their wings, they would look like the dead leaves. So. these two extremes alternatively would be on display, giving a filmy exposure to the onlookers.

Description of Surroundings

On entering the premises, the visitors would be hearing the gurgling sound of water flowing through the artificial streams. They would be seen streaming past the ferns and flowers so smoothly that they appear as real ones. The central water body in the park holds colourful fish like Japanese Koi and freshwater turtles. On the banks of the water body, the travellers can see hopping grass hoppers and other types of insects that inhabit the garden. The authorities of the park have kept the trays of ripe fruits and fresh flowers to feed the butterflies. There is a museum of butterflies on its premises. The display in this museum has been classified continent wise to tell the students and visitors about different butterflies seen there.

4 Top Bali Beaches to Explore

downloadBali is an island in Indonesia and a very popular travel destination for those interesting in a relaxing break in the sun. Bail is not only appreciated for its beaches, but also the surfing, diving, the temples, the arts, the cuisine and the culture. The beaches with crystal clear water and long stretches of white sand are perfect for sunbathing. But, there are other types of beaches, such as those with large rocks that have been created by lava or corals over time, while other beaches consist of entirely black sand. Here are four of the top beaches in Bali:

Nusa Dua beach

The Nusa Dua beach has rolling golden sand, blue waters, fragrant trees, wild mangroves and tall palm trees. Plus, this beach has plenty of luxury hotels nearby. It is a great beach for swimming and snorkeling with its crystal clear water and waves and currents that are low. For the surfer, it is possible to enjoy the higher waves by heading to either the south or north end.

Kuta beach

The Kuta beach is relevantly close to the city of Kuta and has great energy and vibe that attracts a lot of locals and tourists. The current and waves are quite strong at this beach, which means it isn’t so desirable for swimming, but is a great hangout for those that want to go surfing. In the evening, this beach gets to enjoy plenty of beach parties that can entertain everyone. The Hard Rock Cafe Bali is located nearby, so a great choice to eat and drink throughout the day and night.

Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is based in the southern part of Bail and rich in small corals and golden sand that stretches for several kilometers. The waves are relatively calm which makes the crystal clear waters great for swimming. Plus, the clear waters make it really easy to spot starfish or other sea creatures while walking along the beach. Other interests include the wide range of shells that are certain to please the interest of the avid collectors.

Padang-Padang Beach

The beautiful Padang-Padang Beach is situated quite close to the Uluwatu sea temple. The area is surrounded by large rocks and has plenty of small caves close by for exploring, but you have to wait until the tide is high. Also, this is a great place for swimming. Just make sure to avoid the sea urchins and sharp corals. The beach has great charm and beauty, although it does start to get quite crowded during the major tourist season.


Best Places to Have Soup in Kuala Lumpur

downloadActor Morgan Freeman once said that during cold temperatures, rather than having alcohol, one must have a bowl of hot soup. Hey, if Morgan Freeman says it, you know the Almighty has spoken. The Malaysians do adhere to this advice by the legendary actor throughout the year, no matter the season. If you want to mollycoddle yourself with a bowl of piping hot soup or broth, here are three of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that will satiate this desire of yours:

Keong Kee Herbal Soup: A simple shack-like setting located next to an open air car park, this humble eatery is a hit among locals and tourists alike for its Coconut chicken soup that is served in coconut shells.

Levain Boulangerie & Pâtisserie: A French-inspired bakery and café housed in a cosy bungalow, taste Europe on your taste buds by sampling its popular Creamy mushroom chicken soup.

Huck’s Café: Homely and warm, this snug place does complete justice to the classic Fresh onion soup. Crusty bread, clear and flavourful broth and melted cheese-you just can’t go wrong with this one!

One of the easier ways to ensure that your soup craving is quenched immediately, book your tickets and reach these beautiful locations in a jiffy.

Malaysian street foods you have to devour!

Walking down streets and streets lined with nothing else apart from food stalls, the air filled with spicy-sweet aromas and dishes laden with juicy seafood, veggies, fluffy pancakes… this is every foodie’s dream come true. And this image comes to life when you touch down in Malaysia. The next time you visit this country, get tickets for your bus with RED BUS (hassle-free transport is a true story too) to different cities here, enter food paradise and definitely savour these three dishes:

Rojak: A fruit and vegetable salad that will get your mouth watering at the very sight of it. This dish is a winner due to the deliciously thick, brown-black savoury sauce that is spooned over it generously and bears a hint of shrimp!

Chendul: It’s dessert. And it’s a soup. Green Jello-ish squiggles and red beans drowning sweetly in a soup of santan, palm sugar and coconut milk, poured over lumps of ice and further dressed with some more coconut milk-now that’s what we call a sweet welcome.