March, 2016

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Croatia, Your Wise And Safe Holiday Destination

downloadThese days we are witnessing events that can only cause anxiety and uncertainty when thinking about holidays. Security factor when planning holidays, has become a number one matter.

In these unstable times when planning your holidays it isn’t enough to consider only the well-known factors such as airfare, hotel and accommodations. None of them are important when your head is in question.

If you are traveling with your children, the issue of security is inevitable in the first place. No comfort, no beautiful beach and good food restaurants can be so important, in the atmosphere of instability and threats.

While writing this article, surrounded by pine trees and beautiful sea, somewhere on one of the islands in Croatia, I ask myself, is there a place where you are hundred percent safe and sound.

The answer on this question, in these times of globally oriented world, no place is completely safe. Today, the situation in Europe, has become unstable, starting with France (Nice or Paris), Turkey which is going through a difficult political situation or Egypt, once a favorite tourist destination, just to mention some of the most critical points.

In full season of holidays planning, the number of summer destinations in Europe becomes more and more limited between Spain, Italy or a good old Greece. But many holidays planners have become aware of another country, just in the middle of Mediterranean region, that becomes an oasis of peace, serenity and a place of unforgettable holidays.

It’s Croatia, my home country. Croatia prides itself on providing a welcoming environment, where tourists far and wide can visit and explore with no fear for their safety and security.

Here are my personal reasons why you should visit my home country!

  • It’s still the Mediterranean as it used to be
  • A long splendid coast with 1185 islands
  • The best cruising and sailing destination
  • Unspoiled nature with 8 national parks
  • The cities of an exciting mixture of cultures.
  • Simple, friendly and open-minded people.
  • A typical genuine Mediterranean cuisine.
  • A reasonably priced and comfortable accommodation.
  • Typically pleasant Mediterranean climate.
  • Quiet and safe destination.

Whether you’re traveling with children or adults, there’s a beach for you to enjoy. If you’re anxious for solitude, rest assured any of the islands or mainland locations can provide that for you.

Experience the wonders of this beautiful small country. Feast like the locals. Immerse yourself in this magical land. Plan your trip to paradise today! You and your loved ones won’t regret it! Find out why Croatia is a wise holiday destination.


The Perfect Hawaiian Date

downloadExploring the Stunning Hawaii

Serene blue waters, warm sandy beaches, a thriving marine life and a cool Breeze – Hawaii is heaven for beach romantics. Whether you like nothing more than to laze around at the beach or go surfing, Hawaii – a state comprising of hundreds, of islands and live volcanoes, provides you with ample opportunities.

Besides beaches, there’s so much more that this holiday destination has to offer. Kauai and Maui has rainforests affluent in flora and fauna. Other attractions in Kauai include 173 ft tall Wailua Falls, Polihale State Park and the Sleeping Giant, a huge mountain used as a trekking trail consisting of a forest with silk oak, ironwood and guava trees. Its major attraction is the alluring Waimea Canyon State Park, better known as Grand Canyon of the Pacific, about ten miles long and 3000 feet deep, not many spots on earth can par with its beauty and grandeur.

The island of Oahu is home to the charming state capital Honolulu. The Waikiki beach area is famous for its glam nightlife and high-rise hotels. The historical Pearl Harbor located on the island consists of the USS Arizona Memorial- a must-see point. Kailua, Lanai and Molokai are the go to spots for snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, dolphin watching and cliff diving. If you want to get a taste of their opulent culture, most hotels organize cultural nights where performers entertain patrons with Hula dances, Fire dances, Ukulele music, Polynesian drum music and Polynesian dances.

So you see, whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, a marine biologist, a beach bum or simply adventurous, Hawaii will give you a great vacation and you will have the tan lines to prove it.

When to Visit

If you are looking for the affordable deals, then April through May and September to November is the best time when you can find cheap airline tickets to Hawaii and lower hotel tariffs. Although, a number of airlines offer cheap flights to Hawaii almost throughout the year.

If you are looking to avoid the chilling, harsh and long winter, then January and February are your months.

If you are going for a family vacation with your kids, then summer is the ideal season.

Major Airports

The busiest airports in the state are –

Honolulu International Airport (HNL) – It serves about 9.6 million passengers on an average annually.

Kahului Airport (OGG) – It caters to about 3 million passengers on an average per year.

Kona International Airport at Keahole (KOA) – This airport handles about 1.5 million passengers on an average every year.


Get Your Energies Together For Cycling Through The Indian Wonders

downloadIf you wish to be different from the conventional tourist, perhaps nature and the grand outdoors attract you. Camping under the stars, hiking across the desert landscape or mountain biking full steam could be some rigorous possibilities. If sustained cycling in India is your intention for a week perhaps, it is certain that you possess what it takes. A strong physique is certainly a prerequisite and the spirit of adventure, a willingness to take risks in the remoteness and a passion for romance!

So let it begin after appropriate research to know the Indian subcontinent well and choose the unique diversity that the states have to offer. Whether it is the scenic Himalayas to the north, the spice trails of Kerala and the wildlife of Tamil Nadu or the tea gardens of West Bengal, this many splendored country has something for every ardent cyclist. Prepare for a memorable outing that would remain etched in the memory in letters of fleeting clouds, torrential rivers and the most exotic wildlife. Sandalwood dreams, wistful backwaters and monuments that bring the past alive would haunt the soul. Film and video may carry back golden memories, but the mind and heart have been subtly altered, never to be the same again.

Certain safety considerations must prevail like an appropriate bike, compulsory helmet and working lights. Shoes and waterproof jacket besides observing traffic rules would help to ensure that things go well the way you want it to.

The cycling in India passion would have no ending since there is so much on the menu. That is why you need to choose the trails you find the most fascinating. Knowing the culture and appreciating history and geography are prime reasons for tourism besides the romance of hitting the road. Wanderlust motivates world tourism yet the little things along the way keeps us enthralled. Carry back those souvenirs. What would better teach the culture than through biking adventures rather than fleeting flights and zipping railway trains? Know everything at first hand!

You won’t be cycling through a week, of course. A part of the grand tour may be arranged by bus or other appropriate transport. The harsh stretches of mountains or deserts would have to be conquered by other means. Sumptuous accommodation would expose you to the moon and stars at beaches or jungle resorts where you get a respite from sometimes gruelling biking stints. Catch up with photography, the internet, shopping or partying and socializing during such energizing breaks.

If Corbett and Rishikesh attract you, the most inspiring mountain nature sights beckon for a rewarding experience. The Kerala tour through Munnar and Thekkady is truly god’s own country to the consciousness. Would it be the Pangong Lake Circuit in Ladakh or the grandeur of the capital Delhi? Like in all other aspects of life, the customer is king and makes the final decisions.

The writer experienced biking adventures through several Indian states and Kerala is his favorite, though he is passionate about the Himalayas too. He stresses safety precautions and physical preparation since biking is no child’s play. Like every sport, cycling has its frenzy and thrills and you need to cope up with the Cycling in India experience.


5 Ideas for A Last Minute Family Vacation Destination

downloadToday the stresses of our day-to-day life can be a lot to handle. While we worry about work, the kids, paying the mortgage, and everything else that goes into maintaining a home and family, we can forget about the things that are really important. We must take time to enjoy life, find some free moments to rest and recharge for ourselves and for the benefit of all those around us. Spending quality family time together is essential and vacations are the best way to guarantee quality and uninterrupted family time. If you have been thinking about a vacation but feel you can’t plan one without adequate time and effort, think again! Here are 5 ideas for a last-minute family vacation destination.

Natural Settings

There are many vacation destinations to choose from. Do you really want to go someplace where everyone else is too? Isn’t the point of a family vacation about spending more time with your family and less time hassling and dealing with strangers? Natural settings provide the perfect spot to start your vacation. Find an ideal natural spot to try these fun activities:

1. Fishing

Fishing on a lake or near beautiful and serene streams is a great way to spend time with your family. A location that is rustic or mountainous can be especially peaceful as well and provide the space to converse amongst your family and finally relax.

2. Mountain Biking

A mountainous destination offers you a chance to scream down those rocky hills on a mountain bike! Some like the peaceful quiet of fishing, while others may prefer to hit it hard with an intense mountain climb and fast paced bike ride down the face of a mountain.

3. Hiking

You don’t have to choose between purely quiet or extra intense activities, a good ole hike is always a perfect choice. Hiking is simply going for a walk surrounded by nature. Spend some time with the family walking and exploring.

4. Geocaching

If you’re on a hike but also want the added challenge of a scavenger hunt, try geocaching. Grab a GPS device and go searching for hidden geocaches which are small treasures and trinkets hidden out of site. Searching for these geocaches is a great way to get the communication flowing and the fun memories started.

5. Resorts and Luxury Lodging

When you are not out enjoying nature, stay at a nice resort or even enjoy some luxury lodging. A lodging with open spaces, great views, and friendly service will help you enjoy yourself and relax. Spend time enjoying a meal as a family and having a fun board game night!

There are many destinations where you can take your family for vacation, but some are better than others. Take them someplace natural and peaceful and enjoy the memories you create together.