Get Your Energies Together For Cycling Through The Indian Wonders

downloadIf you wish to be different from the conventional tourist, perhaps nature and the grand outdoors attract you. Camping under the stars, hiking across the desert landscape or mountain biking full steam could be some rigorous possibilities. If sustained cycling in India is your intention for a week perhaps, it is certain that you possess what it takes. A strong physique is certainly a prerequisite and the spirit of adventure, a willingness to take risks in the remoteness and a passion for romance!

So let it begin after appropriate research to know the Indian subcontinent well and choose the unique diversity that the states have to offer. Whether it is the scenic Himalayas to the north, the spice trails of Kerala and the wildlife of Tamil Nadu or the tea gardens of West Bengal, this many splendored country has something for every ardent cyclist. Prepare for a memorable outing that would remain etched in the memory in letters of fleeting clouds, torrential rivers and the most exotic wildlife. Sandalwood dreams, wistful backwaters and monuments that bring the past alive would haunt the soul. Film and video may carry back golden memories, but the mind and heart have been subtly altered, never to be the same again.

Certain safety considerations must prevail like an appropriate bike, compulsory helmet and working lights. Shoes and waterproof jacket besides observing traffic rules would help to ensure that things go well the way you want it to.

The cycling in India passion would have no ending since there is so much on the menu. That is why you need to choose the trails you find the most fascinating. Knowing the culture and appreciating history and geography are prime reasons for tourism besides the romance of hitting the road. Wanderlust motivates world tourism yet the little things along the way keeps us enthralled. Carry back those souvenirs. What would better teach the culture than through biking adventures rather than fleeting flights and zipping railway trains? Know everything at first hand!

You won’t be cycling through a week, of course. A part of the grand tour may be arranged by bus or other appropriate transport. The harsh stretches of mountains or deserts would have to be conquered by other means. Sumptuous accommodation would expose you to the moon and stars at beaches or jungle resorts where you get a respite from sometimes gruelling biking stints. Catch up with photography, the internet, shopping or partying and socializing during such energizing breaks.

If Corbett and Rishikesh attract you, the most inspiring mountain nature sights beckon for a rewarding experience. The Kerala tour through Munnar and Thekkady is truly god’s own country to the consciousness. Would it be the Pangong Lake Circuit in Ladakh or the grandeur of the capital Delhi? Like in all other aspects of life, the customer is king and makes the final decisions.

The writer experienced biking adventures through several Indian states and Kerala is his favorite, though he is passionate about the Himalayas too. He stresses safety precautions and physical preparation since biking is no child’s play. Like every sport, cycling has its frenzy and thrills and you need to cope up with the Cycling in India experience.


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