How To Pick the Best Mountain Town For Your Summer Vacation

downloadThere is something special about summertime. It often ushers in the season of fun with family, friends, and nature. It reminds us of the days when we were care-free swimming in cool pools or lakes and barbecuing without a worry in the world. Summertime is meant for fun summer vacations, so why not spend it in a wonderfully peaceful and cool climate mountain town!? Towns up in the mountains can be wonderful vacation spots, especially if you live in the southern part of the United States where the heat can be intense. Escape it for awhile and find plenty to do during your mountain vacation. Confused about where to start when considering a destination? Here are some tips on how to pick the best mountain town for your summer vacation.

1. Find a place with history.

Does the mountain destination you are considering have an interesting history? Most mountain towns used to be old mining towns that converted to tourist traps after the mining boom faded. Where once they made their living excavating the earth for precious metals or gold, now they continue on the tradition of the small town experience while attracting visitors with interesting historical locations, outdoor activities, amazing food, and fun festivals to attend. Find a spot that has its own personal story.

2. Find a place with character.

You can usually tell when a place has its own unique vibe quickly even before you exit the car. Are there people relaxing and enjoying the day? Are there commuters on their bikes, people taking a stroll, or runners exercising in the parks? For most towns, the outdoor lifestyle is what gives the place its special character, laid back feel, a sense of community, and the perfect peaceful local for a summer vacation. Ask around or do some research and spend some time in a place that speaks to your personality.

3. Choose a place with great people who share similar interests.

Are you into extreme hiking, bare-bones camping, or intense white water rafting? You will most likely have a better time if you find a place where many share your interests and passions. A great community starts with great people. Look for a location that values your hobbies and favorite activities as well as a place that is active in maintaining the environment for those activities.

4. Look for interesting events.

Every place has its own claim to fame. Does your destination have special events, activities, and festivals that appeal to you? Interested in a festival solely about antique mining gear? There is likely a festival or place to explore that interest. Keep your vacation intellectually stimulating and interesting and participate in local festivals, parades, contests, and yearly events. All it takes is a little bit of research or a phone call with a local and you can have your whole schedule filled with fun events.

5. Find great natural attractions.

If you are seeking a mountain vacation, you likely want to be surrounded by beautiful natural attractions. If you enjoy hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking, find a mountainous or hilly town that offers it. Are there hot springs, lakes, rivers, and other water attractions that you prefer? Find those spots and enjoy them to your heart’s content.

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