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4 Charming Spain Vacation Spots To Visit On Your Holiday

downloadWhat are some of the best Spain vacation spots? Spain is indeed one of the most splendid getaways in Europe owing to its gastronomically superb cuisines, fantastic beaches, vivacious fiestas and exciting nightlife. There are a number of autonomous islands and regions in Spain, that’s why it boasts of an extensively diverse culture and rich landscape. Here is an overview of the top Spain vacation spots.

Santiago de Compostela– It is found in the northwestern part of Spain and the capital city of the Galicia region. A famous traditional pilgrimage in Spain called the Camino de Santiago finds its final destination in Santiago de Compostela. According to the belief of the Christians, St. James who was an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ was buried in Santiago de Compostela. It is because of this religious history and tradition that this vacation spot in Spain became very famous. Thousands of visitors spend their holidays in this place every year. Most pilgrims arrive at the Praza do Obradoiro which is the main square of the city. The busy plaza is located at the heart of the city and you can find significant landmarks here such as the Santiago Cathedral where you can also find the tomb of St. James.

Toledo– This city is located at the mountaintop in the central Spain region. Toledo has served as the capital city of Spain from hence towards the 16th century. Toledo is known as the City of Three Cultures, mainly because it has been inhabited by Christians, Jews and Muslims for many centuries. Architecture in Toledo dates back to the Roman Empire, that’s why it has long been a main attraction of Spain. It also boasts of a rich historical art. Get lost in the medieval streets of the city, it’s one of the best things to do in Toledo! Old architectures of a stunning mosque, cathedral and synagogue is among the pride of this Spain vacation spot.

Cordoba– It is located in southern Spain in the Andalusian region. Cordoba is the capital city of the Cordoba province. Small medieval streets line the place, forming a maze along with the plaza and a number of whitewashed courtyards surround the Mezquita which is the star attraction of Cordoba. The Mezquita was originally built to be a mosque but it has now become a magnificent cathedral. However, most of the old architecture of the Mezquita has been retained. Cordoba held importance and glory during the medieval times, and it is signified to this day by the labyrinth of columns covered by white and red striped archways typical of Islamic architecture. The Old Jewish Quarter in Cordoba is a unique place to visit because of its amiable verandas and souvenir shops. The Street of Flowers and the Fortress of Christian Monarchs are other attractive areas of interest in Cordoba.

San Sebastian– At the coast of the Bay of Biscay in the North of Spain lies the Basque country. It is where the Gipuzko province is located, with its capital city of San Sebastian. San Sebastian is an interesting seaside city. Tourists and locals alike love the attractive beaches of this city. It also boasts of an exceptional culinary tradition. Many historical architectures have been restored in the 19th century in the Old Town which was almost torn down at the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Some of the most charming beaches in Europe are found in San Sebastian, and the most popular by far is the Playa de Concha.