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4 Top Bali Beaches to Explore

downloadBali is an island in Indonesia and a very popular travel destination for those interesting in a relaxing break in the sun. Bail is not only appreciated for its beaches, but also the surfing, diving, the temples, the arts, the cuisine and the culture. The beaches with crystal clear water and long stretches of white sand are perfect for sunbathing. But, there are other types of beaches, such as those with large rocks that have been created by lava or corals over time, while other beaches consist of entirely black sand. Here are four of the top beaches in Bali:

Nusa Dua beach

The Nusa Dua beach has rolling golden sand, blue waters, fragrant trees, wild mangroves and tall palm trees. Plus, this beach has plenty of luxury hotels nearby. It is a great beach for swimming and snorkeling with its crystal clear water and waves and currents that are low. For the surfer, it is possible to enjoy the higher waves by heading to either the south or north end.

Kuta beach

The Kuta beach is relevantly close to the city of Kuta and has great energy and vibe that attracts a lot of locals and tourists. The current and waves are quite strong at this beach, which means it isn’t so desirable for swimming, but is a great hangout for those that want to go surfing. In the evening, this beach gets to enjoy plenty of beach parties that can entertain everyone. The Hard Rock Cafe Bali is located nearby, so a great choice to eat and drink throughout the day and night.

Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is based in the southern part of Bail and rich in small corals and golden sand that stretches for several kilometers. The waves are relatively calm which makes the crystal clear waters great for swimming. Plus, the clear waters make it really easy to spot starfish or other sea creatures while walking along the beach. Other interests include the wide range of shells that are certain to please the interest of the avid collectors.

Padang-Padang Beach

The beautiful Padang-Padang Beach is situated quite close to the Uluwatu sea temple. The area is surrounded by large rocks and has plenty of small caves close by for exploring, but you have to wait until the tide is high. Also, this is a great place for swimming. Just make sure to avoid the sea urchins and sharp corals. The beach has great charm and beauty, although it does start to get quite crowded during the major tourist season.