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Croatia, Your Wise And Safe Holiday Destination

downloadThese days we are witnessing events that can only cause anxiety and uncertainty when thinking about holidays. Security factor when planning holidays, has become a number one matter.

In these unstable times when planning your holidays it isn’t enough to consider only the well-known factors such as airfare, hotel and accommodations. None of them are important when your head is in question.

If you are traveling with your children, the issue of security is inevitable in the first place. No comfort, no beautiful beach and good food restaurants can be so important, in the atmosphere of instability and threats.

While writing this article, surrounded by pine trees and beautiful sea, somewhere on one of the islands in Croatia, I ask myself, is there a place where you are hundred percent safe and sound.

The answer on this question, in these times of globally oriented world, no place is completely safe. Today, the situation in Europe, has become unstable, starting with France (Nice or Paris), Turkey which is going through a difficult political situation or Egypt, once a favorite tourist destination, just to mention some of the most critical points.

In full season of holidays planning, the number of summer destinations in Europe becomes more and more limited between Spain, Italy or a good old Greece. But many holidays planners have become aware of another country, just in the middle of Mediterranean region, that becomes an oasis of peace, serenity and a place of unforgettable holidays.

It’s Croatia, my home country. Croatia prides itself on providing a welcoming environment, where tourists far and wide can visit and explore with no fear for their safety and security.

Here are my personal reasons why you should visit my home country!

  • It’s still the Mediterranean as it used to be
  • A long splendid coast with 1185 islands
  • The best cruising and sailing destination
  • Unspoiled nature with 8 national parks
  • The cities of an exciting mixture of cultures.
  • Simple, friendly and open-minded people.
  • A typical genuine Mediterranean cuisine.
  • A reasonably priced and comfortable accommodation.
  • Typically pleasant Mediterranean climate.
  • Quiet and safe destination.

Whether you’re traveling with children or adults, there’s a beach for you to enjoy. If you’re anxious for solitude, rest assured any of the islands or mainland locations can provide that for you.

Experience the wonders of this beautiful small country. Feast like the locals. Immerse yourself in this magical land. Plan your trip to paradise today! You and your loved ones won’t regret it! Find out why Croatia is a wise holiday destination.